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  1. Do I need a guitar and what type of guitar is best to start?  - Yes, you'll need a guitar so you can practice at home.   If you're just starting out, I'd recommend getting a guitar type that matches the type of music you'd like to play.  Rock and electric blues will most often use a solid body electric guitar.  Folk, folk/rock and acoustic country, rock and pop will use a steel string acoustic guitar, whereas classical uses a nylon string guitar.  Many beginning students, particularly children, begin on a nylon string because it is easier on the fingertips.  Jazz most often uses a hollow body electric guitar.  Children aged 6-10 years are best starting on a smaller guitar so they can comfortably reach the fingerboard.

  2. What ages can you teach? - Ages 6 and up are welcome.  Student ages typically range from young children through retirement age.  Children often benefit from developing an extracurricular skill like music while older students can find the guitar to be an enriching part of their lives. 

  3. Will students learn to read music? - Music reading is encouraged and offered but not mandatory.  This often depends on one's goals.  There are various reasons why learning to read music is very helpful and in some cases necessary (for example, playing in the school jazz band or learning classical guitar).  In many styles, however, there are a good percentage of excellent players who don't read music.  While I recommend learning to read, we can approach it on a per-case basis. 

  4. What other materials will I need? - There will often be one or two books you'll be asked to purchase.  Every attempt will be made to keep these costs reasonable.   Lessons include materials I've developed through years of instruction, distributed as appropriate for the student's level of progress.  

  5.  Do you teach any other instruments? - Yes, electric bass and ukulele lessons are also offered. 





     Jeff Bishop   
About Jeff


Jeff's professional career has encompassed playing various styles including rock, pop, swing, country and jazz.  He has performed extensively in many different settings, including several years with a stroll act at Sea World, as well as area restaurants and clubs.  

His main performing focus, however, has been playing solo guitar for special events.  He has performed background music for weddings, business events and private functions at most of the hotels and event venues in the San Diego area. 

Jeff has been a private guitar instructor for over 35 years and taught at Guitar Trader (located in Kearny Mesa) from 1983 until it closed in December of 2014.   Jeff teaches both electric and acoustic guitar and is comfortable teaching most styles. He enjoys working with students of all ages and levels, from beginning to advanced.  He is also experienced in teaching in class settings with both children and adults.  


In addition, Jeff has been involved in church worship music for the past 30 years and serves, along with his wife Aurora, as worship leader at Pacific Beach Christian Church.  Together they have three adult children.

We’d love to hear from you!

4550 Kearny Villa Road #222 | San Diego, CA 92123 |           858-335-0570 

Thank you for your interest. Expect a reply soon.

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